I hear this a lot. When we first started our journey, we were shocked at the cost to get our son tested along with the consult. That was 12 years ago. What made it challenging is that none of it was covered by our health insurance. They focused on treating sickness, not truly supporting wellness. But I will emphatically say yes, it was worth every penny! I believe the investment has come down quite a bit since then. Yes, I call it an investment, not a cost. This is your health we are talking about! Is there anything more important?

My sister always says “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.” I think this looks so yummy and so good for you.

Leaky Gut: What does a food sensitivity mean to you and why should you care about it? If you have a food sensitivity, it probably is an alarm going off in your body letting you know something else is going on. Leaky Gut is one possibility! That is when your intestines have become permeable allowing the proteins from your food to enter your bloodstream. This is a huge cause of food sensitivity. Your immune system sees these particles as enemies. It then kicks into over gear which then causes an immune response to go into overdrive. If not addressed quickly, this can turn into an autoimmune disease.

Gut Flora Imbalance: You also may have an imbalance in your gut flora. Gut flora imbalance is very common. It is believed that 90% of people have some sort of gut imbalance. This can happen very easily. For example, every time we take antibiotics, it eliminates good stuff and bad stuff. It can also be set off balance by the food we eat. Or coming into contact with critters that feed the flora, i.e. parasites. When our gut is out of balance, our digestive system does not function. This will cause a cascade of other issues.

The investment in tests has come down and is certainly more mainstream than they were 12 years ago. There are labs all over that have panel tests already available. It is just like a menu at a restaurant. Work with a local holistic practitioner to find the right panel for you. It is so easy and once you know what you need to know, you will be well on your way to optimal health.