I just got back from the Emerge Retreat hosted by Kellie Kuecha.  It was an incredible event, filled with so much, I am still processing.  At the very end of the event we made a circle, held hands and after an amazing song that we sang together, we were asked to give one word that represents our experience there.  So many words came up for so many people.  What was so strange was earlier in the day I took time to sit in the sun by myself and KC_CRW_6261asked God for one word and the word that came up for me was RIPPLE.  When she asked for each of us to share RIPPLE is the word the I shared.  Now home I am doing research on that word and thinking and processing what the word means to me, it brought me to Andy Andrews and the concept of the Butterfly Effect.  I am linking a video about that here for you to get his words directly because only he can do it justice.

What does it mean to me?  It means that everything we do and don’t do has an affect or impact.  Every choice we make, every choice we don’t make and who is involved in those choices.  For me it is a ripple effect.  I help one person up which maybe helps that person see something differently.  Now that person takes new steps and new actions and before long they are helping others and the process goes on and on.  Don’t underestimate what impact a small act may have in someone’s life.  You can make a difference.